Author: Bob Beard

Illustrating the Future

Plotting a crowd-sourced, sort-of ghost story about the future of VR makes for some lively banter. To wit: Just got off an amazing conference call with the @hieroglyphASU people and artist Melissa Gay about the collaborative, crowd-sourced story we’re

Step One Complete!

Thank you to everyone who voted on the first step of the Crowd Futures project. The results of this round of voting are: Space Agriculture: 11% Geoengineering: 12% Biomimicry: 15% Synthetic Biology: 20% VR for Empathy: 42% We’re all very

Step One: Further Reading

Curious about the emerging technologies in this first round of voting? The Crowd Futures team has a round-up of what you should know. Geoengineering Also known as climate engineering, geoengineering is the deliberate large-scale intervention in the Earth’s climate system,