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Illustrating the Future

Plotting a crowd-sourced, sort-of ghost story about the future of VR makes for some lively banter. To wit: Just got off an amazing conference call with the @hieroglyphASU people and artist Melissa Gay about the collaborative, crowd-sourced story we’re

Step One Complete!

Thank you to everyone who voted on the first step of the Crowd Futures project. The results of this round of voting are: Space Agriculture: 11% Geoengineering: 12% Biomimicry: 15% Synthetic Biology: 20% VR for Empathy: 42% We’re all very

Step One: Further Reading

Curious about the emerging technologies in this first round of voting? The Crowd Futures team has a round-up of what you should know. Geoengineering Also known as climate engineering, geoengineering is the deliberate large-scale intervention in the Earth’s climate system,

What is Crowd Futures?

Five years ago, catalyzed by a conversation with science fiction luminary Neal Stephenson, we assembled a team of fiction authors, researchers, and scholars to create hopeful, technically grounded visions of the near future. Together, we created Hieroglyph: Stories and Visions

Melissa Gay

Melissa Gay is an award-winning illustrator of books and tabletop roleplaying games. Her credits include book covers and illustration projects with Hugo, World Fantasy, and Stoker Award–winning authors, as well as critically-acclaimed fan favorite games such as The Dresden Files, Night’s Black Agents, Trail of Cthulhu, Part-Time Gods, Mermaid Adventures, and most recently the Yellow King Roleplaying Game, based on the work of Robert W. Chambers. Her work has been featured in the annual Infected By Art anthologies for Imaginative Realist painting.

Elizabeth Bear

Elizabeth Bear is a Hugo and Sturgeon Award winning science fiction and fantasy writer, with thirty novels and over a hundred short stories to her credit, including the Covenant, a haunting tale of neurobiology in our first collaboration Hieroglyph: Stories & Visions for a Better Future. Bear has also served as a game master for tabletop roleplaying games, and has participated in collaborative and group storytelling projects such as Shadow Unit.