Step One Complete!

Thank you to everyone who voted on the first step of the Crowd Futures project.

The results of this round of voting are:

  • Space Agriculture: 11%
  • Geoengineering: 12%
  • Biomimicry: 15%
  • Synthetic Biology: 20%
  • VR for Empathy: 42%

We’re all very excited to craft a new science fiction tale around this topic.

To help us think through the implications of VR beyond just R&R on the Holodeck or extended sojourns to the Metaverse, we’re working with Dennis Bonilla, the Chief Technology Officer at Variable Labs. Dennis has over 15 years of experience in technology development, and previously directed design and development efforts for large scale projects for NASA and other U.S. federal agencies. In his work at Variable Labs, he works with a team of storytellers and technologists to create immersive experiences to help audiences learn, change, and grow.  We’ll be hearing more from Dennis later this Fall.

But first, we need to decide what kind of story this will be. Want to read a VR mystery, or explore the new frontier of the digital simulacrum through the lens of a traditional Western?  It’s up to you!

Voting on Step 2 is open now through November 1.